Two Very Special Shows – Adelaide Fringe Festival

– Brothers Angels & Demons –

Fri Feb 17th – 2017 – 7:30pm

– John Brewster Plays Bob Dylan –

Sat Feb 25th – 2017 – 7:30pm & 9:00pm

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Brothers Angels & Demons - The Story Of The Angels - The Good Times & The Bad

There are few stories in the Australian music industry more interesting and diverse than that of Rick and John Brewster, the founding members behind legendary rock band The Angels.

In 2014, these musicians, who are aptly named Australia’s premier guitarists, decided to do something different. The ensuing tour – Brothers Angels and Demons – was unlike anything they’d ever done before. It was a warts and all account of the entirety of their careers to date, where they shared with audiences the good times, the bad times and everything in between.

Now, the Brewster Brothers are back for a limited run of their acclaimed shows which will see them tour Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle.

Brothers Angels and Demons initially earned rave reviews as part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. The tour for these shows is very unique in that the performances feature two generations of the Brewster family with Sam Brewster [Bass], Tom Brewster [Drums] and Harry Brewster [Guitar] joining their father John and their uncle Rick to complete a musical bond found only amongst those who are lucky enough to share a blood connection.

Brothers Angels and Demons - A Unique Live Event Which Tells The Story Of The Angels

Audiences will join the Brewster Brothers for a flashback journey through their four musical decades together. They’ll strap on the washboard and play their kazoos to reveal their musical partnership beginnings with The Moonshine Jug & String Band, perform some of their most famous hit songs from The Angels and will bring you safely back to the present with songs from the Brewster Brothers.

Featuring Master Of Ceremonies

– The Electronic Swagman –

The 2016 tour will also feature The Electronic Swagman (aka Raymond Hawkins) as the master of ceremonies for the shows. Raymond has a long association with the Brewster Brothers and The Angels, having toured with them internationally from 1978 for many years as their lighting operator. His inclusion in the show adds another unforgettable element in leaving ‘no stone unturned’ in the Brewster’s story.

If You Love The Angels You Will Love These Shows

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– John Brewster Plays Bob Dylan –

Sat Feb 25th – 2017 – 7:30pm & 9:00pm

John Brewster Plays Bob Dylan - Adelaide Fringe Festival - Sat 25th Feb - 2017 - 7:30pm & 9:00pm

JOHN BREWSTER, as founding member of the legendary rock band the Angels is a multi-faceted artist. John’s prowess as a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer and manager are a testimony to this.

Founding the Angels in 1974 with his brother Rick and Doc Neeson the band now celebrates 40 years in the industry with constant touring and recording and there is no end in sight.

John branched out with brother Rick in founding the Brewster Brothers and over the last decade they have performed sold out performances
around the country in a show focusing on a mixture of John and Rick’s influences plus a plethora of well known Angels hits.

John’s passion for Bob Dylan began after being blown away when he saw him perform back in the 60’s.

Now this new solo acoustic show will demonstrate the depth of John’s skills as a singer, guitarist, harp player and raconteur through his expression of the admiration he holds for Dylan’s many musical masterpieces.

John Brewster Plays Bob Dylan - Adelaide Fringe Festival - Sat 25th Feb - 2017 - 7:30pm & 9:00pm

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02. February 2017

Adelaide Fringe Festival – Moonshine Jug & String Band

The Moonshine Jug & String Band - 1971Friday 12th & Saturday 13th Feb will see the Moonshine Jug & String Band perform live at the exciting Adelaide Fringe Festival…. go back to where it all began before The Angels.

Held at The German Club these special shows will feature John & Rick Brewster, Spencer Tregloan as well as Craig Holden.

It’s Jazz and Blues from the 1920s … jug, kazoos, washboard, harmonica, banjo, guitars – what a blast!

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11. February 2016

Moonshine Jug & String Band – Chris Bailey – Hall Of Fame

The Moonshine Jug & String Band - 1971

Special Live ShowBack To Where It All Began –

Coming up on Fri 2nd October the Moonshine Jug & String Band will be inducted into the Hall Of Fame at the Goodwood Institute as part of the Adelaide Music Collective sessions.

The evening will also see a special posthumous induction into The Hall Of Fame for Chris Bailey as well as a fitting tribute being paid to Doc “Bernard” Neeson.

Doc NeesonChris Bailey

Whilst this will be an intimate affair there are some tickets available on line. The show will present Gill Hicks & Gary Burrows (with the Immanuel College Choir), Sasha March, Banjo Jackson and then culminate with a live reformation performance presented by The Moonshine Jug & String Band.

The Goodwood Institute holds a special place in the history of the Adelaide music scene having been the home of The Oxford Club from the late 60’s into the early 70’s. The venue was to play host to many burgeoning young artists including those who were set to move through their role in The Keystone Angels before finally becoming the Australian music icons simply known as The Angels.

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08. September 2015

New Theatre Shows – Selling Out Beforehand

Brothers, Angels & Demons - The Promethean - Jan - 2015The new theatre show telling the story behind The Angels, and more, is beginning to move around the country with tickets selling out well before each show arrives.

Aptly titled Brothers, Angels & Demons these shows delve right back to the beginnings of The Moonshine Jug’n’String Band with original members and old cohorts often taking to the stage alongside the all-Brewster cast for a very memorable evening.

The recent performance at The Promethean in Adelaide saw legendary radio announcer David Day come along to fill the role of narrator as the unqiue interactive script captures answers from John & Rick Brewster about the musical heritage of their family, the ‘early days‘ in their home-town and of course the many stories behind the bands that led on to the formation of The Angels.

Original string band member Spencer Tregolan wove his way through the audience with his banjo in hand to add that extra layer of originality to the zany jug band songs which find their way into each and every performance.

There are more shots of the evening on our Photos Page, and keep an eye on this site as more dates come to hand for Brothers, Angels & Demons.

09. February 2015

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