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Brewster Brothers - Live & Lizottes
Recorded across three consecutive nights during the Autumn of 2012 “Live @ Lizottes” represents the ongoing maturity of the live Brewster Brothers performances.

Listen as they carry the audiences in these three venues on a journey from their early folk influences right through to their ultimate rock and blues destination.

The recordings on this album flow from the speakers in a way that leaves you feeling you were actually there at the show.

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Brewster Brothers - Shadows Fall

Shadows Fall“, the Brewster Brothers first album, reflects the other side of these two rock guitarists from Adelaide.

Haunting ballads, thought provoking lyrics and a good dose of foot-down rhythms.

Rick Brewster’s early days of playing classical piano are brought forth through the songs via traceless harmonic wanderings of piano, string arrangements and traditional electric organ embellishments.

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Brewster Brothers - Play Bob Dylan

Brewster Brothers play Bob Dylan” references back to John Brewster’s early days at home, holed up in his bedroom listening to the likes of The Band, The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

The authenticity with which these tracks are presented goes to show just how much Dylan has influenced John’s sense of melodic structure, his strident harp playing and his ability to pen referential lyrics.

If you like Dylan, you’ll love this record.

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Brewster Brothers - You're In Good Hands